Afro Geo Print Satin Bonnet

Designer: Glow by Daye

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  • African Inspired Geometric Design with reverse side Solid Black
  • HIGH GRADE SATIN MATERIAL for THICKER, HEALTHIER HAIR - Made with the highest quality of satin fabric (85gsm,50*75D) Protect your hair and maintain your hairstyles. Maintains moisture while you sleep, prepare for the day, relaxing at home and everything in between. 1 Year Warranty. No questions asked. Money Back Guarantee!
  • DOUBLE-LAYERED and REVERSIBLE for DURABILITY and VERSATILITY: Light on the head, yet this double layered bonnet makes this the perfect accessory for versatile styles and maintaining/attaining healthier hair.  Reversible: 1 side color black and reverse side, a beautiful African inspired geo print design.
  • EXTRA LARGE SIZE to FIT ALMOST ANY SIZE HEAD or LENGTH, THICKNESS OF HAIR- Measuring 23” to fit almost any head size. Great for holding natural hair, braids, weaves, rollers, hair clamps, long hair, and up-dos. It should be a perfect fit. If not? Money Back Guarantee.
  • ADJUSTABLE for COMFORT- Adjust the perimeter of the bonnet to your appropriate size for head and comfort level. Easy-to-use drawstring allows for you to adjust your bonnet with the simple pull of the width of the bonnet to widen or tighten with a simple pull of the string. 
  • SATIN-EDGE DESIGN for COMFORT and EDGE PROTECTION- Protect your edges with the our protective satin perimeter edge. Sleek, modern design, holds hair in comfortably without the large ruffled edge look. Comfort around temples and edges with no pulling.
  • NEW ADDED SOFT ADJUSTER- Now comes with a soft and comfortable adjuster to hold your adjustable size in place. To release or increase the tightness simply pull back and forth the adjuster to your desired comfort for your hair and head. 

Care Instructions

Pre Wash your bonnet in cold water before use. Machine wash or hand wash in cold water and mild soap. Hang to air dry completely before use. 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 114 reviews
    Beautiful and helpful

    This is actually my second bonnet. My kids took the liberty to hide my first one and I've never found it. I love that the new ones have to stopper that the shower caps do. I don't wake up with a headache and my hair stays just as great as when I went to bed. I got two this time in case they've disappeared again. Have recommended to everyone I know and will continue to do so.

    Feels Amazing!

    This is the only bonnet that doesn’t fall off my head at night! Very high quality as well.

    Best purchase ever

    I had been using the same two old bonnets for years that were not even satin lined. They would always fall off my head while I sleep. I decided I needed an upgrade because my hair is longer and more dense. This was the best thing I got for my hair recently! If I have twists, I can adjust it for it to fit my head while I sleep. If I have it in a pineapple, it also fits snug so it will preserve the style. Truly amazing product for natural hair.

    Super Soft

    Best satin bonnet ever, so soft almost feels like silk! And I love the adjustable strap, keeps bonnet secure and in place. Definitely will purchase another one!

    Comfy and Convenient

    This is the first time in a long time I've used a bonnet, as for a long time I shaved my head bald. coming back, I know I needed something both good quality and comfortable. My fave thing about this bonnet is the draw string! It keeps on my head without giving me unsightly lines across my forehead. love it.

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