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Lavender Thai Satin Bonnet

Lavender Thai Satin Bonnet - glow-by-daye
Lavender Thai Satin Bonnet - glow-by-daye
Lavender Thai Satin Bonnet - glow-by-daye
  • Thai Inspired Lavender Floral print design with reverse side solid violet
  • HIGH GRADE SATIN MATERIAL for THICKER, HEALTHIER HAIR - Made with the highest quality of satin fabric (85gsm,50*75D) Protect your hair and maintain your hairstyles. Maintains moisture while you sleep, prepare for the day, relaxing at home and everything in between. Lifetime Warranty. Money Back Guarantee!
  • DOUBLE-LAYERED and REVERSIBLE for DURABILITY and VERSATILITY: Light on the head, yet this double layered bonnet makes this the perfect accessory for oil treatments, deep conditionings and roller set styles. Protect your pillowcases from product placed on hair. Reversible: 1 side beautiful lavender thai floral print design/reverse side: rich violet color
  • EXTRA LARGE SIZE to FIT ALMOST ANY SIZE HEAD Or LENGTH, THICKNESS OF HAIR- Measuring 23” to fit almost any head size. Great for holding natural hair, braids, weaves, rollers, hair clamps, long hair, and up-dos. Should be a perfect fit. If not? Money Back Guarantee.
  • ADJUSTABLE for COMFORT- Adjust the perimeter of the bonnet to your appropriate size for head and comfort level. Easy-to-use drawstring allows for you to adjust your bonnet with the simple pull of the width of the bonnet to widen or tighten with a simple pull of the string.
  • SATIN-EDGE DESIGN for COMFORT and EDGE PROTECTION- Protect your edges with the our protective satin perimeter edge.Sleek, modern design, holds hair in comfortably without the large ruffled edge look. Comfort around temples and edges with no pulling.
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Customer Reviews

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Apart from these satin bonnets being so damn pretty, the functionality is second to none. They fit any head size, won’t come off overnight and are really comfortable. I’m so happy with this purchase

Danielle, thank you for your review and kind words!

It’s not perfect but it doesn’t have any flaw loved it

Hi Georgina, Thank you for your review. Very happy to hear that you love our products! We welcome any feedback to improve our products, do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you

Excellent service and was able to help resolve my issue. Thank you.

Happy to help!
New Big-Chopper, First True Satin Scarf

I have Pro's and Con's for this item, but they really only apply to me (since everyone has unique hair). I am 4b/4c High Porosity/Low Density, Medium Width strands. My hair is only about 3 inches on average.

I love these colors and designs. The fabric feels comfortable on my skin. The air doesn't get too hot inside the cap while wearing it. The adjustable elastic is awesome! Also I love being able to adjust the shape however I chose.
My hair still becomes extremely dry while sleeping with this cap on. Even after I've re-moisturized it with water, conditioner and/or oils and wear the cap during the day, my hair will become very dry again within the hour while wearing the cap.

Again, it could be due to my specific hair type, but I did feel this was important enough to share. Thanks for reading.


I own a couple of the satin bonnets and they are amazingggg!! I want to collect them all, ha. A lot of times regular degular bonnets lack style, fit and quality, but not these!!! Literally would wear them all day if I could! It does an amazing job protecting my hair from tangles, frizz and breakage! 10/10 would recommend !!!

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