"Lilac" Conditioning Heat Cap

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The Glow by Daye® Conditioning Heat Cap is our uniquely designed cordless, microwaveable cap that provides ~20-30 minutes of even, gentle heat. Perfect during your deep conditioning, oil treatments or D.I.Y. conditioning sessions.

Applying heat during these treatments allows your hair follicles to better and more effectively absorb the moisture and nutrients. The effect being healthier, stronger hair. 

The Glow by Daye ® Heat Cap is intentionally made with functionality, convenience, and comfort in mind.

1. Functionality: Inside each cap contains flaxseed, a flower seed name Flaxseed or Linseed that has the ability to hold and retain heat much more effectively than other options over time even after multiple heatings.  

2. Convenience: Our cordless, lightweight design is perfect to be used while doing your everyday chores or lounging around the house. No need to be stuck in one place under a dryer. Get moving with this portable option.

3. Comfort: Made with soft microfiber cotton, cotton, and nylon you can rest assured this cap is gentle to the head, the scalp, and edges. No bulky hard design.

Works great for:

  • Natural Hair
  • Long Hair
  • Thick Hair
  • Curly Hair
  • Dry Hair

The Most COMFORTABLE and EFFECTIVE Conditioning Heat Cap you will use!

The Glow by Daye® Conditioning Heat Cap is perfect for those looking for a convenient, comfortable, effective way to maintain the health and look of their hair. Promotes hair health and growth.

Glow by Daye® Heat Cap offers many benefits:

  • Made with soft Microfiber Cotton for comfort and wearability
  • Made with flaxseed for consistent, gentle heat retention over time
  • Uniquely stitched design to radiate heat to the entire head
  • Elastic perimeter to fit over most head sizes and hair
  • The highest quality of material for durability
  • Reversible for versatility
  • Fully cordless for portability and convenience

 Backed by our "GLOW GUARANTEE"

Customer Reviews

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Heat cap

Love this heating cap come in handy since I have low porosity hair and a twa cut than had this cap for three years now the only small con I have with this is it should be adjustable rather than having the elastic already there. The cap still hold heat and everything just feel it would last long/more years if it was adjustable

Jenn Julz
Conditioning Heat Cap

I love my conditioning heat cap that I recently bought . It's very easy to use and it does exactly what's it's suppose to do.
I use the plastic wrap that was given and put the cap in the microwave for about 30 seconds twice for a total of 1 minute and put it on my head right away.
I love that the heat stays for a good 20 minutes and that it fits my big head.

Happy I have this now!

I am so late to the game finding out about this type of heating cap! This works so well for my extremely dehydrated 4c hair.. The heat from the cap made my scalp feels so good instantly my whole head was warm.. The instructions are very simple And it was extremely comfortable to wear for over 30 minutes. LOVEEE IT made wash day a breeze.

Love love

This cap works wonders on my hair! Saw results from the first time I used it. Not to mention the heat on your head feels soooo soothing! Highly recommend!!

Brad Rigg

"Lilac" Conditioning Heat Cap