St. Lucia Navy Satin Bonnet

Designer: Glow by Daye

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  • Navy Island-Inspired Design with reverse side solid navy blue
  • HIGH-GRADE SATIN MATERIAL for THICKER, HEALTHIER HAIR - Made with the highest quality of satin fabric (85gsm,50*75D) Protect your hair and maintain your hairstyles. Maintains moisture while you sleep, prepare for the day, relaxing at home, and everything in between. 1 Year Warranty. Money-Back Guarantee
  • DOUBLE-LAYERED and REVERSIBLE for DURABILITY and VERSATILITY: Light on the head, yet this double-layered bonnet makes this the perfect accessory for versatile styles and maintaining/attaining healthier hair.  Reversible: 1 side color is the is  our navy tropical-inspired print and reverse side, a beautiful solid, rich navy color
  • LARGE INTERIOR SIZE to FIT ALMOST ANY SIZE HEAD or LENGTH, THICKNESS OF HAIR- Measuring 23” to fit almost any head size. Great for holding natural hair, braids, weaves, rollers, hair clamps, long hair, and up-dos. It should be a perfect fit. If not? Money-Back Guarantee.
  • ADJUSTABLE for COMFORT- Adjust the perimeter of the bonnet to your appropriate size for head and comfort level. Easy-to-use drawstring allows you to adjust your bonnet with the simple pull of the width of the bonnet to widen or tighten with a simple pull of the string. 
  • SATIN-EDGE DESIGN for COMFORT and EDGE PROTECTION- Protect your edges with our protective satin perimeter edge. Sleek, modern design, holds hair in comfortably without the large ruffled edge look. Comfort around temples and edges with no pulling.
  • SOFT ADJUSTER/STOPPER- Comes with a soft and comfortable adjuster to hold your adjustable size in place. To release or increase the tightness simply pull back and forth the adjuster to your desired comfort for your hair and head. 

Customer Reviews

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Mrs. Lo
Best Satin Bonnet

I am I’m love and impressed on how this bonnet feels and looks. It’s the perfect gift to gift any woman who is serious about protecting her hair. This will save my hairstyles and edges all at the same time.☺️


I love these bonnets. These designs are even better in person plus the material is so nice and comfortable on my hair.

Much needed UPGRADE!

I was overly excited when I received my bonnet in the mail. I immediately threw out the old, cheap ones! No longer will my curls get caught in the fabric. Definitely will be purchasing more for myself and also as gifts to my natural friends and family.


These bonnets are just perfect! The satin, stitching, fit and overall quality makes these bonnets the best out there. I relaxed my hair five months ago and when wearing the bonnet to sleep, I am confident my hair is protected. The scarves are equally as nice. Feel confident your hair is being taken care of and get one!

Angela T
Absolutely Love it!

I am Caucasian with natural curly hair and frizziness. I use Argan oil after every shower. Then, use a hair mask once a week. This bonnet wears well in nighttime sleep while maintaining my style to the next day. Love the adjustable feature. Bought it to minimize damage to my hair when so I could stop putting in ponytail before bed.