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Simply the best

This is the best conditioning cap ever! I’ve had other caps that were not comfortable and lost the heat quickly. Great investment for anyone. I’ll be purchasing more of these so I can keep mine to my self!

Thanks again Valerie!
Purple Reign Reigns!

I love my sleep bonnet, it beautiful and provides a comfortable fit on my head so my hair doesn’t feel mushed. I will be buying others to gift to loved ones!

Yay! Happy that you are loving our bonnet!
Stays On All Night

I love the drawstring feature. It keeps the bonnet securely on my head all night but is still comfortable enough to sleep in without getting a headache.

Thank you Jennifer! Tight headbands are the worst! So glad you are not having that problem with our drawstring :)
My favorite bonnet!

I absolutely love this purple color and it feels so comfortable!! The customer service is also amazing!!

Thank you Pri!

I absolutely love this bonnet, I purchased one for me and my daughter, it easily adjust to any hairstyle so it's not falling off of our head or unpleasantly tight giving us a headache. We have curly hair we use one side of the bonnet for our wet hairstyles and the other for dry. The bonnet is gentle on the hair, 100% silk and washes completely clean in the washer. We love it.

She is adorable! Thank you for your kind words!
Very informative

Very silky and large enough for any hairstyle. Doesn't slip off at night. I don't regret buying it

Hi Aishat, Thank you for your purchase,. Happy to hear that you are satisfied. :)
Glow by Daye Bonnet

Great bonnet. Very soft and comfortable.

Hi Lisa, glad to hear you are enjoying your purchase.
Love it

It’s really amazing I love that you could switch between both sides and that it stays on all night.

Thank you for your positive feedback Davina!
Soft Bonnet Hood Dryer!

I found out about this awesome product right here, and I have no regrets buying it. This bonnet hood dryer has become a part of my wash day routine because I LOVE the way my hair dries without completely drying out! I recommend this product to anyone who wants to have fantastic hair!

Thank you for your review Alexxa! You can also use the Hood Dryer for deep conditioning (use your preferred product, cover hair with disposable shower cap, and place Hood Dryer on top) Happy to hear you are enjoying our product!

Apart from these satin bonnets being so damn pretty, the functionality is second to none. They fit any head size, won’t come off overnight and are really comfortable. I’m so happy with this purchase

Danielle, thank you for your review and kind words!

High Quality

Hi Selena! Thank you for your purchase and review!

Works great for me and it's great when I have braids on as well

Hi Victoria! Delighted that you are enjoying our bonnet! Thank you.

My hair is the healthiest it has ever been in a long time. It goes to show that investing in QUALITY products is well worth it : ) I am completely satisfied and LOVE my bonnet!!

Chaniece, we are very honored to be apart of your healthy hair journey! Thank you for your kind words.

Red Velvet Satin Bonnet

It’s not perfect but it doesn’t have any flaw loved it

Hi Georgina, Thank you for your review. Very happy to hear that you love our products! We welcome any feedback to improve our products, do not hesitate to contact us.
Great bonnet

The bonnet is great .The only fault I have is the elastic around the bonnet is a little tight, I guess with wear and tear it will loosen up.
The feel of the materials is very good

Hi Opie! Thanks for your purchase! Sorry to hear that the elastic feels tight. It is adjustable so you should be able to loosen it. However, we will take note of your concerns for future developments. :)
Soft bonnet

The bonnet was great. It is just like the picture. You can adjust it to your liking and it stays on all night.

Hi Tia! Thank you for your kind words!
Best bonnet I've ever used!

I've been through dozens of bonnets and scarves in my lifetime. I got tired of buying a new bonnet every other month because they would stretch out. I also know you're not getting real satin from the local beauty supply store. I decide to finally stop being cheap and buy a Glow bonnet. I can't go back now! I notice a huge difference in my hair. I get less frizz, I retain more moisture, and I love that this has an adjustment string for when I may have bigger hair or rollers and need to secure it. Best of all, it can be reversed, which I appreciate because I prefer black bonnets, and it's nice having that option to alternate colors. This is worth every penny and I highly recommend taking the plunge! I'm buying my friend a bonnet for her birthday because it makes a great gift also.

Olivia, very humbled by your review. Thank you so much for giving us a try, very happy to hear that you are happy with your purchase!
Love this bonnet!

This is the best bonnet ever! Good quality and stays on through out the night. Other bonnets would still leave my hair dry but not this one. Hands down the best on the market.

We love you back! So happy that you are enjoying our Silk Bonnet :)
As it is!!

So at first I wasn’t sure it was going to work but it truly is amazing. I love the way it feels and you can definitely see the difference in the end results.

Hi Ruth! Glad to hear it worked out great for you! Thank you for your kind words.
This heat cap is awesome!

This heat cap left my hair soft and full of moisture! I recommend this to anyone who wants healthy hair!

Thank you for your kind words Alexxa! So glad to that you are enjoying our Deep Conditioning Heat Cap.
Classico Satin Bonet

Large enough to hold my long hair.
Love the material.

I am not sure how to tied the bonnet so it stays put. I wish it would have some guidelines as to how to do it.

Hi Ariadna, Thanks for your purchase and this feedback! We will definitely work on getting a guidelines for our customers. We are happy that it's a good fit for you! As far as the string, the best way to keep it put is to keep the ends tied together and pull to where you would like it adjusted and tie a knot and tuck into bonnet. We are working to get all of our bonnets updated with an adjuster to hold into place as well:)
Glow by Daye Bonnets

I just love the Glow by Daye Bonnets. They stay on your head during the night and they keep my locs safe and secure (smile). I bought my daughter and granddaughter one and they love them as well.

Hi Cheryl! So happy to hear you and your family are enjoying the bonnets!

Navy Classico Satin Bonnet

i love it!!!!

i love it…he doesn’t…but he don’t count, if he wants my hair to look good during the day…sheeesh! it is beautiful and comfortable.

So happy you are enjoying our product!

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