Jet Black Pre-Folded Charmeuse Stretch Satin Scarf

Designer: Glow by Daye

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Our easy to tie, versatile, Jet Black Pre Folded 100% Charmeuse Satin Scarf is the perfect accessory to fully protect your hair and retain moisture on the go or relaxing at home. Its' beautiful black sheen lends itself to be dressed up or down as needed

Color: Black
PreFolded= Triangular Shaped and Double Layered
Measurements= 52" x 35" 35"
  • Easy Tie Pre-Folded Charmeuse Satin Scarf- Skip the step of folding a large square or rectangular flimsy scarf and extra fabric with our unique take on the perfect multi-purpose protective and stylish hair scarf
  • 100% Charmeuse Satin Material- Retain your hair’s moisture with our silky smooth satin material that creates a slide for your hair to preserve its’ shine and moisture
    • Gentle Stretch that Helps Conform to the Head- Avoid the “slip off” with our light elastic stretch throughout the entire scarf in order for it to find the perfect fit while you rock it with your preferred style
    • Large Design for Versatile Styling- Whether you prefer to “pineapple” your curls, wrap your blowout, cover a "transitional" day a.k.a "bad hair day", laying down edges, or simply rock as a fashion accessory, the size alone allows for multiple manipulations based on your needs at any time.
    •  Bring your hair to even more life with the beautiful, black scarf wherever you go. Perfect for inside and outside wear. Keep your hair protected and thriving whatever the situation. Effortlessly fashionable and effective.

    Pair it with one of the Glow by Daye® Satin Bonnets for the perfect nighttime protection set.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Amazing for lounging

    I love this scarf! It’s double sided satin which is perfect for protecting my hair when I’m lying down, laying edges, etc... it keeps my frizz at a minimum prevents me from crushing my curls! I love it!

    big hair no problem

    Awesome size with stretchy quality.

    These scarves are amazing.

    These are so great I ordered all of them. I had to have variety...

    Incredibly Soft and Stunning to Behold

    I finally took the plunge and ordered my very own glow by Daye. I wanted a scarf as opposed to a bonnet and I must say that it's incredibly soft I love the beautiful silky black color and and I definitely know that they're using real Satin. I haven't used it very much and it did actually come off my head but I tend to sweat and I sleep with a sleep apnea headgear at this point so who knows what happened I'm a rough sleeper LOL but I do like it I'm glad that I purchased and I definitely think it's worth the buy


    Fabulous fabric!
    I sew, so I debated making one myself... but with the quality of the fabric and the workmanship this was a great value—and I’m worth it 😉