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Blues Clues Kids' Satin Bonnet

Designer: Glow by Daye

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Royal Blue with Cream Polka Dots 

High Grade Satin Bonnet Specifically Designed for Your Little One! (Recommended for Only 3 Years and Older)

Made Specifically For Those Little Ones With:

  • Long Hair

  • Thick Hair

  • Natural Hair

  • Curly Hair

  • Ponytails of all kinds

  • Braids/Locs/Twists

  • Roller Sets

  • Clips or Pins

  • Unisex


  • HIGH GRADE SATIN MATERIAL for HEALTHIER HAIR- Made with the high quality charmeuse satin fabric. Protect your little one's hair while they sleep with quality fabric and design.
  • DOUBLE LAYERED AND REVERSIBLE for DURABILITY AND VERSATILITY-  Lightweight on the head, just as with our adult versions, your child can almost benefit from 2 bonnets in 1 with our reversible feature that offers a cute, fun design and a solid base color on the other.
  • LARGE SIZE to FIT MOST CHILDREN'S HEAD SIZES or LENGTH, THICKNESS OF HAIR- Measuring 23" (similar to our adult version) with a smaller opening for smaller heads. This bonnet is perfect for holding natural hair, braids, long, thick hair, ponytails, rollers. If not a perfect fit? It is a Money Back Guarantee.
  • ADJUSTABLE for COMFORT- Adjust the perimeter of the bonnet to the appropriate size for your little one's head, style and comfort level. Easy-to-use drawstring allows for you to adjust your bonnet with the simple pull of the width of the bonnet to widen or tighten with a simple pull of the string.
  • SATIN EDGE DESIGN for COMFORT and EDGE PROTECTION- Protect your child's edges with our protective satin perimeter. More modern design with less less of a ruffled look. Comfort around the temples and edges with no pulling for their sensitive heads.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    I loved it. It is already helping my daughters hair

    Glow by Daye Bonnets

    I just love the Glow by Daye Bonnets. They stay on your head during the night and they keep my locs safe and secure (smile). I bought my daughter and granddaughter one and they love them as well.

    Hi Cheryl! So happy to hear you and your family are enjoying the bonnets!
    Loved it!

    When I ordered from Glow by Daye, I had no idea what to expect. When the bonnet arrived I immediately fell in love with the packaging. Once I opened it, I feel in love with the quality of the material. If you're looking for a quality bonnet for your babygirl, this is a must buy!

    She is soooo Cute! Thanks for sending!
    A great purchase but...

    I have my rating as a 3 because the kids bonnet isn’t like the adult bonnet. What I mean by that is there isn’t a stopper to hold the strings in place which is the whole purpose of the bonnet. I was really disappointed with the kids bonnet not having that feature. So now because it doesn’t have a stopper to hold it in place I have to double tie the strings so the bonnet stays in place. I feel the kids bonnet should have been made the same way! Other then that the bonnet is great it has great quality, also the elasticity is great and overall I’m pretty satisfied.

    Hi Andreana, Thank you so much for your review! We agree! All of the bonnets should have the stopper and we are working very hard to make sure that we update all the bonnets to have that feature. The Orange Sunrise (and the other newer styles of bonnets) do have the stopper and all of them will slowly be getting that updated feature shortly. Thank you for your patience as we are always working on improving our products to serve you (and the kiddies') the best we can!:) -Ranay, Glow by Daye

    I love your satin hair bonnets. I purchased two bonnets for my niece and sister so that they can protect their hair with ease. I know caring for our hair can be a struggle but slipping on Daye’s satin bonnet before sleeping gives me peace of mind and protection. Thanks so much for your products.