Glow by Daye Soft Hooded Dryer Attachment

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This hooded dryer fits into the palm of your hands saving both time and space when you are dry setting your styles, conditioning, or processing hair treatments. 

The inflatable and adjustable hood allows you to comfortably adjust around your head and/or hair accessories (rollers, clips, flexi rods, etc).

Our long (3' length) and wide hose size (9" perimeter) offers a robust, yet gentle flow of air while allowing easy movement while you are under your hood. 

Designed for THE ultimate comfort, flexibility, and functionality. 
 Includes optional chin straps attached to be used to prevent it from flying off of the head.
Use dryer's LOW setting.
Hand wash when needed. 
Handheld dryer NOT Included.


Customer Reviews

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Sheila Pierre
Get it Sista Girl!

Yasssss!!! All the tools you need for that black girl magic!!! Essential for every glammy girl out there to keep the "do" done!

First use

Hi I’m writing this literally as I am using it for the first time. I think it’s definitely working because boy is it hot in here lol. I don’t have a lot of hair so I don’t expect to be under here long. My hands are free that’s a big plus.

Gaynell Wilson

Love it!

Love it!

I have mid back length locs which took 2 days to dry, since I have my bonnet hood dryer my drying time is down to couple hrs! Thank you!

Nia Ritzie-Brown
Soft Bonnet Hood Dryer

It's a pretty good product, especially for type 4, low porosity hair. It intensifies your deep conditions, to help the deep conditioner penetrate your hair strands if you're comfortable with a bit of heat (using your blow dryer). I suggest doing the lowest setting on your blow dryer because it can get real hot. Even if you put your blow dryer on 'cool' there's still some heat, and the bonnet dryer helps to keep the heat trapped. It overall can be a great addition for gadgets you use in your hair journey <3.