"Glow" Guarantee/ Warranty

What is the "Glow" Guarantee?
We guarantee that we meet the standard of quality that you are expecting when you purchase from us. If you are not happy with your Glow by Daye purchase, we offer a 30 day window for you to return your item used or unused for a complete refund. 
What is our warranty?
The quality of your product is also guaranteed for a full year. If you have any issues with your Glow by Daye product within the 1st year, contact us at support@glowbydaye.com so that we can help you resolve. No need to sign up for it, you automatically sign up with purchase from Glow by Daye. We are able to claim a warranty offer only one time per product purchase. It can be either a refund of your order or a one time replacement of item. (shipping not included) Items that were used outside of product's intention or outside any given instruction in package will not be valid under the warranty claim.  Documentation such as a photo will be requested for our records. 

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What's the "Glow" Guarantee?

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