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Our Story

ranay daye founder

As a self proclaimed "lazy natural" making the time to style, maintain, preserve, and do all the necessary things for optimal hair health is daunting for me on MOST days. This was the inspiration behind Glow by Daye. I wanted better quality when it came to meeting my hair needs such as deep conditioning more effectively, maintaining moisture, preserving my current hairstyle (whatever it is at that moment...see below), or help with styling my hair naturally (twist sets, etc)   
I LOVE my hair's versatility, but the maintenance is enough to drive me insane sometimes especially being a mom of 2 busy, growing boys. Out of all of this though, I truly want my hair to be as healthy as it can possibly be. So I have learned to embrace the simplest hacks in hair health....protection and conditioning.
Our mission is to make your hair maintenance experience better with high quality, optimally designed products. We want to be apart of your hair care regimen to help you meet your hair goals whether it's length and/or moisture retention, prolonging hairstyles, or overall hair health. 
"Your hair can be such a time capsule on your journey of life, embrace it, love it, and take care of it."-Ranay

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