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This is the best shower cap ever. I love the size and the flexibility of it thank you so much

I thought it would be a little bigger, but its a good size- didn't smush my hair down too much overnight, and didn't slip off.

Genuine Satin!

I recently relaxed my hair, so it’s very important I wear something to protect it at night. This is a genuine satin texture unlike the polyester blends I often see. If you want to feel confident that your hair will be cared for while wearing this, don’t hesitate to buy your own!

Satin bonnet

I like the color and the way it feels protecting my hair.

High Quality Satin Scarf

I am extremely satisfied with the pre-folded satin scarf. I felt exited when it arrived and I saw the lovely packaging. It’s thicker than I expected which has proven to also be a plus. It feels good on and protects my hair through the night.

Purple Royal Shower cap

Great color and durable material. Works great

Great quality!

This bonnet is very good quality, you can tell it was made with care. I love the design, it's cute and stylish. The fabric is good quality and very soft and thick to keep you hair nice and protected.

Sky Blue Satin Bonnet

Perfect for my monthly henna treatment

Thanks to this hood my henna treatment worked better than ever. The color penetrate my hair better and my hair was silkier than ever. It was easy to use and convenient.

Blue Electric Satin Bonnet

Very roomy!

This is my new favorite hair product! I love that it’s large enough to cover my hair when it’s up in a bun and I can tighten it too. 1000% better than the plastic disposable shower caps.

Stays on all night!

I really like this bonnet, I’ve only had the lower quality ones from Target, and this one is a game changer. My ears don’t get hot and it sort of holds it’s shape instead of drooping on my neck. I’d love to see more in other fun fabrics and colors so I can buy them!

I love all the products that I have purchased so far you rock

Best pillowcases

Amazing so great and absolutely love it

Comfy and cute

Comfortable and keeps my hair frizz-free.

Great fit

It's what I've been looking's not too thick so I don't sweat AND it stays on all night

Great Purchase

I love it!

Sassy Leopard Satin Bonnet


Fits like a glove
The color I luv
Shipping on time
And it’s all mine✌🏾

Exactly what I wanted!

I was so happy with the quality of the material. So SOFT, stylish while protecting my hair

Perfect Scarf

I was pleasantly surprised by how soft the scarves are. The quality is exceptional! Highly recommend!

Great for Locs

I brought the satin bonnet for my locs and I absolutely love the quality of it. It adjustable and just what I was looking for to protect it.

I really like the Sassy Leopard Satin Bonnet it’s a comfortable fit

Just what I was looking for

I have the silk bonnet and I wanted to try the scarf. It didn't disappoint. Now I have versatility when I'm asleep or lounging around. Excellent product and very good quality.

Lilac conditioning Cap

I placed an order for the Lilac conditioning cap and I absolutely love it, it’s roomy and such a beautiful color! I love the products by Glow!!!