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Sassy Leopard Satin Bonnet


This is exactly the shower cap I was wanting. I love that it is lined with satin and truly waterproof. I also love that it is extra large so I can fit all my hair in easily. There's nothing I don't like about this shower cap and I'm very picky!

Killin it softly

I had my hair twisted over two months and after taking it down I knew it needed some TLC. This heat cap is just what I needed. My hair had a lot of moisture which means I didn’t need to spray more water on it while detangling. I love this cap and recommended it to my friends. Thanks 🙏🏽

Just Perfect!

So glad I made the choice to buy this shower cap. It delivers the best fit for my braids, as well as my natural and pressed styles! Best decision! Happy customer.

Love it!!

I love this satin bonnet. It is such good quality and it stays on my head all night! I love it because It keeps my curls protected all night.


I purchased this bonnet via a recommendation from Evani With a V from You Tube. It's literally the best bonnet ever. I've cone thru sooo many that didn't work out for me and I'm really glad I took a chance on this one. My five year old daughter keeps stealing it because she feels hers isn't as good as my new one. Looks like I'll be making another purchase very soon.

Love It!

Greetings Goddess,
I am unaware of how I found this website to purchase such a beautiful satin lined shower cap that reverses to use as a deep conditioning cap however I am so excited that I did and ironically I didn't hesitate to purchase it.

I will be purchasing more product.

Namaste Beloveds

Received my products

I used my heat cap last night and my hair was so soft and manageable. This morning it stil felt great. I’m glad I made this purchase because now it’s easier to condition my hair with heat instead of having to pull out the bonnet hair dryer which I didn’t feel like doing the majority of the time.

Sky Blue Satin Bonnet

Shower Cap

My daughter and I love them. The designs are very cute. I also love that they have a drawstring. We can fit all our hair in it. Thanks

Lasted through My Meeting!

I had a work-from-home day so I made it a wash day as well. Ended up timing it so that I could sit through a half hour meeting while deep conditioning using the heating cap. Not only did it stay warm, it fit so comfortably and my hair was so soft afterwards. I loved using it. Can't wait for my next deep condition ❤

Satin bonnet

Very pleased with the product

Who's cappin'?

This is the shower cap for you! I have long braids and usually need 2 caps to cover my hair in the shower. This cap is large enough to cover everything. I love the adjustable elastic around the edge. They thought of everything! Colour me impressed.

Shower Bonnet

Nice bonnet. Wish it was a little larger.

I absolutely love how big the bonnet is, and its reversible, I'm going to order another one


I love my bonnet the satin is very good quality, maybe the elastic inside could be a little wider.

Tropical Green Satin Bonnet

Pop it on, and hop in the sack!

No more needing to tie or wrap a scarf around my head; I can just slap on this silky smooth bonnet and be done! Now, if you have a big head like me, the elastic might be a little tight and leave marks on your forehead, but with time it will get to a place where it is comfortable. Definitely buying a 2nd one soon!

Ok this is beautiful

Wow I opened my package, surprise! high quality material and size, large bonnet big enough for my kinky-curly hair, to not be flattened down When sleeping.Nice website, sleep bonnets, micro wave heated,heat caps for conditioning and shower caps.Accepts PayPal,Reasonable prices too!Thank you.

Orange Sunrise Satin Bonnet

The best!

I am sad to say that I have been using 2 shower caps everyone I take a shower. This shower cap stopped the madness! It even fits over the “Glowe by Daye” bonnet. My edges would get wet with any other shower cap but this shower cap keeps every inch of hair dry. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I purchased a second bonnet for wash days. I love the different colors on each side. Large and great quality.


It actually fits! It actually stays on! My edges are safe! I’m very pleased!....I do wonder if it could be roomy-er...naturals tend to have a lot of hair.

Just what I was looking for!

I’ve spent some time trying to find a good bonnet from department and hair stores that have claimed to be “satin” but were more of a satin blend that always snagged on my hair and fell off in the middle of the night. But I can now gladly say I found the PERFECT bonnet with glow! I no longer wake up with my hair in ruins by the morning time, and the bonnet has an adjuster on it so it actually stays on very comfortably all night! I’m excited to see the progress my natural hair will make with a REAL bonnet on it!

Best hair care bundle

After using the heat cap, my hair felt like silk. Hair looks and feel healthier already.

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