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Satin Lined Shower Cap
Best shower cap

Nice size and adjustable as well. Satin-lined to protect hair strands and prevent frizz, I own two of them so I would never be without one!

Bought all 3

Great quality

I love it. It's perfect for my hair and when I have braids. Fast shipping.

Never received my product.

You have saved my hair!

Thank you so much! My hair is so prone to breakage. Your bonnets have helped my self care night routine. Got love a female black owend business!!

Satin Lined Shower Cap
Arrianne Miller

Awesome Bonnets

The Merlot Shower Cap

Nice color, you can adjust it also

Awesome customer service


Would recommend!!

Very Satisfied

This is hands down the best bonnet I've ever owned. I love that it's reversible and adjustable. It has a good weight to it and feels high quality. I would definitely buy again as it's worth the money.

Satin Lined Shower Cap
Christina Keitt
Great products which I now use daily!

I love my satin bonnet and my new shower cap that fits over my braids. Great product that I now use daily.

I'm somewhat disappointed. It is pretty but also pretty hot on my head. Also even with the draw string, it will slide off my head

This was a great purchase

Comfortable and pretty

This is my first time using a bonnet and so far I've liked it! It is comfortable to sleep in, does not feel tight but stays in its place. It is also a pretty color. Hopefully I start to notice my hair liking soon too!

I really like the product and the fit.

Very nice and comfortable material, easy to sleep in, and fits perfectly

Looove It!!

My favorite color is pink so I love the look. Most importantly I looove love that the shower cap has satin inside to keep hair Moisturized and prevent hair damage. Let's not forget the draw string to keep in place while showering. I havnt seen or heard another shower cap that offer these benefits

Best Sleep Cap for Curly Hair!

I bought this cap after curly girl, Britt Minetti, declared it as her favorite. She was so right -- best sleep cap I've every tried. I love the adjustable drawstring that allows me to customize the fit. Super-comfy for sleeping, and my curls look awesome when I wake up. Highly recommend!

Best shower cap I've ever used!

This shower cap is worth every penny! It's a great fit, and the draw-cord allows me to customize the sizing to my head. There are no leaks, not even a tiny bit, like most shower caps. And the satin lining means it doesn't mess with my curls.

Tranquility Bundle Set
April Conquest

I’m very satisfied with my purchase I simply love it and will be sharing the product information with others

Love G x D Bonnets!!

This is my third bonnet from Glow by Daye because they are just the best. I have fine, wavy hair and they keep my hair smooth (don't wake up with frizz) and they are light weight so keep me cool while sleeping. Highly reccommend!

Pleasantly surprised!

The length is fantastic, the fabric and the stretch....awesome. Only wish there were more prints or even solids in classic colors. Other than that, I absolutely love them!