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Best Bonnet!

I’ve received this bonnet almost two weeks ago and have been consistently using it for over a week now and have had no issues with the bonnet slipping or falling off throughout the night, and I am a SUPER wild sleeper.

satin bonnet

My daughter and I have noticed the difference in our hair after sleeping in this bonnet

satin bonnet

My daughter and I have noticed the difference in our hair after sleeping in this bonnet

Best Hair Dryer!

I love this hair dryer because it’s pretty much portable. I am able to still walk around (within reach of the plug) and not be stuck to just sitting under a normal dryer. I have even laid down and taken a quick nap while having it on. I also love how I can travel with it. Whether it’s my friends blow dryer or a hotel blow dryer, I always know that I will be able to use my dryer if needed.

Shower Cap Perfection!

This shower cap is literally perfect! It has a drawstring which allows you to customize the size. I have a lot of hair and it is able to fit all of my fro in it with me having to either twist it prior to showering or section it off. It also is not loose, so it does not allow any additional moisture into the cap. LOVE IT!!!!


Excellent satin bonnet! Good quality, beautiful colors and my gray natural hair really appreciates it. No color from bonnet rubbing off in my gray. My hair last longer between shampoos and I’ve noticed hair retains moisture better. I am ordering two more colors. Thank you for such great quality!

Absolutely love!

This was my first order and I cannot wait to get more . The satin is great quality and I can tell this is gonna make a huge difference with my hair and I’ve only had it few days !

Great Product

The quality is great and it still keeps up after you wash it and I love the new feature of the stop on the string which makes the bonnet stay in place to where you adjust it. Great product.

Red Velvet Satin Bonnet

Loved it!

When I ordered from Glow by Daye, I had no idea what to expect. When the bonnet arrived I immediately fell in love with the packaging. Once I opened it, I feel in love with the quality of the material. If you're looking for a quality bonnet for your babygirl, this is a must buy!

She is soooo Cute! Thanks for sending!
Review of the sky blue satin bonnet

I LOVE this cap it’s the first sleeping cap I’ve purchased and it hasn’t stained my sheets or slipped off at night, it’s comfortable and does a great job of keeping my hair sleek and soft unlike my normal frizzy bed head I absolutely love it and can’t thank you enough!


The bonnet is really nice, made of great material, and constructed very well. It is also a great size. I love it 🧡

Navy Classico Satin Bonnet

Love it!

Wash day is so much easier! My hair is so dry, and although I don’t like putting heat on my hair, I know that I need to in order for my deep conditioners to penetrate my hair strands. This product allows heat to be distributed evenly over my hair, so I’m not worried about heat damage. I am so satisfied with the amazing product.

Afro Geo Print Satin Bonnet

This bonnet is EVERYTHING !!! I have finally found a high quality satin bonnet ! It keeps my natural hair nicely moisturized and my twists nice and neat ! I love that this does not slide off during the night. My other so called "satin" bonnets dried my hair out, they slid off my head, and stretched out of shape. Thank you for leveling up and changing the game for satin bonnets !

Great product!

I’ve been looking for a good quality shower cap that will last and this seems like a winner! I usually wrap my hair when I shower, but the satin lining is an added bonus and may save me that step. Stretches enough for larger styles (haven’t tried braids yet but seems like long braids will fit well). I also love that it is reversible and can be used to deep condition - great idea! Just started using but look forward to holding on to this for a while.

Best on the go deep conditioning

Perfect addition for when I’m deep conditioning my hair; no longer have to be attached to the Glow by Daye dryer attachment which I bought sometime ago. Thank you for a great product that actually holds up to the hype and a staple for naturalista.

For the first few days I really did love this product. It’s the only shower cap I’ve ever used that kept my hairline from getting wet. But the issue is the “plastic” piece that’s supposed to hold the drawstring started ripping and came off after 3 wears. Now the shower cap doesn’t really hold to my head and keep water out because it’s loose. I really love the idea of it but the piece on the drawstring needs to be a stronger material .

Hi Tyler, Thanks for letting us know about this issue, we will be working on designing a sturdier adjuster for all. We will be reaching out to you to help remedy this inconvenience for you in the meantime:)
Silky smooth cap

I love all your products and I was amazingly happy with your purple rain shower lined cap. I was skeptical that there was any difference in shower caps. People don’t be fooled all shower caps are not created equally. Buy, buy and buy this fabulous stain premium purple rain lined shower cap. You will definitely fall in love with it. I’m awaiting more colors for gifts for family.

Best shower cap ever!

I absolutely love this shower cap. The jumbo size is perfect for my box braids. My hair doesn’t get wet at all. The drawstring is also perfect as it allows you to tighten the cap as tight as you want and the satin lining ensures the moisture is retained in your hair.


Extremely excited to get my heat cap. However, when it arrived I looked at my hair and the size of the cap. I knew it wasn’t going to be able to cover all my thick hair. I tried it anyway and it needs to be bigger. Please make them bigger!!!

Smooth & Comfortable

Fits great! Sometimes after showers I forget it’s not my normal sleeping bonnet. Stays in place and repeals water so it doesn’t feel wet after bathing.

Purple Rain Satin Lined Shower Cap

I have sister locs and I absolutely love my satin lined shower cap. I no longer have to put on a bonnet under my shower cap to minimize getting my locs wet. No water seeps in so my hair stays dry. It's pretty and does what most shower caps fail to do. Room for my locs to grow. Worth the price.


So far I love it, it deff stays on and protects my curls. I do find it a tiny bit snug on the elastic area even though I do not tighten the stings. I wear it as loss as possible since I suffer from migraines tight things on my head bother me. I will definitely be getting a second one !!

Great product!

I'm very pleased with my purchase! This shower cap is perfect! Keeps my hair dry and the satin lining is great!

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