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Beautiful bonnet

Great material, but too tight.

Great material, helps preserve the moisture of my hair. However, the band (even at it's loosest setting) is too tight and causes me to have headaches.

Soft like BUTTA

This bonnet right is top tier!!! The colors are gorgeous, the satin is soooo soft, and the toggle for the adjustment is not plastic like I thought it would be. It’s fantastic!!!! I’m a toss and turner and normally my bonnet would be off by the time I wake up but this one rode with me ALL NIGHT LONG!!! I will definitely be buying one for all the ladies in my life cus they NEED THIS!!!

Lovely Bonnet!

Started using bonnet and it seems great.

Thank you!

I’ve been struggling to find a bonnet that fits all my hair and stays on all night and now I have! I love the drawstring feature that lets me choose how tight I want it. Thank you for helping me take care of my hair :)))

I Love My Shower Cap It Help's keep the Back of my hair Dry..

The only shower cap you will need!

This thing is like putting heaven on your head! It is ultra comfy, it will make you wonder why you ever bought those silly plastic ones where the elastic always wears out. It fits all my hair and keeps me so dry! It is seriously luxury on your head. Makes you want to stay in the shower forever!


I wear my bonnet every single night and I LOVE IT!! High quality, stretchy, etc. I highly recommend it!!


His satin bonnet is beautiful and I love the adjustable band. It literally stretches over all of my hair. I've only been using it a couple of weeks, but I am sleeping far better with this versus just a satin pillowcase. This keeps my hair off my face while I sleep, helping to keep me cool & keep moisture in my hair.


My husband and I loved the quality of this shower cap so much I had to order another 1 so he could have his own!

Checks all the boxes :)

I LOVE this bonnet! I've only had this for about a week now, but so far my curls have been looking great even on day 4 hair! I was going to settle for a cheap bonnet on Amazon but saw in the reviews that the elasticity of the band would worsen over time. That said, I particularly love the drawstring feature :) When it comes to quality, adjustability, curl protection and durability, I feel like this bonnet checks all the boxes for me~

Best bonnet ever!

Not only is it cute but it fits all my hair and lasts all night! Ordering another soon!

Awesome 👌🏾

I Luv the silk inside and outside. It stays put at night so I can get a good night's sleep 💤😴. I wake up with my hair still moisturized and still looking fresh.

Navy Thai Satin Bonnet
Ashley Holmes

Navy Thai Satin Bonnet

Soft Pink Whisper Satin Bonnet

My Go-To

This navy bonnet is my go-to! I've purchased two already and they continue to keep my 4C curls moisturized. The adjustable drawstring is clutch. Only concern was that the color did bleed onto my pillowcases.

Super Soft!

I love how soft and comfortable this bonnet is! Plus, the drawstring feature is super clutch.

"Purple Rain" Satin Lined Shower Cap

Lavender Thai Satin Bonnet
Tatiana Hernandez
Absolutely obsessed!

I could not be happier with my lavender bonnet! My hair feels less dry after I sleep in it. My hair is curlier when I wake in the morning. My boyfriend doesn't accidentally pull my hair when we cuddle. The color is so cute, and I look like a mushroom when I wear it! I absolutely love it! I can't wait to buy more!!

It took me long enough to buy just to kick myself for taking so long!!! I love this and how it relaxes me when deep conditioning my hair and my son's hair as well!!! I will order again

Blue Electric Satin Bonnet
Terrilynn Gordon

I have had my first satin bonnet fofr at least 2years and I can not stray away from it. No matter where I go or what other beauty supply bonnets I find, I will always reach for this one. the quality is so durable. I love the drawstring on it to adjust for when your hair is super big! This bonnet protects my hair like no other! Thank you all! I will continue to order with you guys time and time again!!! =)

Good & Pretty

I love my bonnet. Love the color and the fact that I can make it smaller depending on my hairstyle. My hair is short and natural, but sometimes I wear long braids. It’s good for both.

Hair saver

As soon as I started wearing this bonnet I fell in love 😍 the fabric is amazing, reversible, AND adjustable so there’s the perfect amount of tightness when my hair is in a fro, or twisted up.

My curls are LOVING this heat cap!

I have low porosity curly hair, but I didn't want to get the hood dryer attachment because I don't use a blow dryer. I used to deep conditioner once every 2 weeks and just put my hair in a few buns. After just 1 use with this heat cap my curls were SO soft and bouncy!! Im so glad I bought 3 packs of the plastic caps (each pack has 10) cuz I'm going to be using this every week! Soft curls here I come!! ^.^