This FREE planner includes:

  • 'My Hair' Page to identify your hair's characteristics.
  • 'Products' Page to list products and ingredients that work for your hair.
  • 'Regimen' Page allows you to create a consistent hair regimen that you can stick to.
  • 'Hair Goals' Page is designed to help you set goals and identify obstacles and ways to overcome them.
  • (2) 'Check In' Pages helps you answer specific questions so you can ensure you stay on track with your goals and journal with every detail.
  • BONUS: 4 personalized planner covers!

Personalize your planner

Show your individual style! Our downloadable planner comes with FOUR different cover styles for you to choose your own!

Develop a consistent regimen

Have trouble keeping up with a consistent hair care regimen? No worries! We've made it easy for you follow what's been working with a regimen page.

Track your progress

Having solid goals will help you achieve desired hair health. The 'hair goals' page is designed to monitor progress and identify what's been working.