FAQ Glow by Daye Daye Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

How do I use the Glow by Daye Deep Conditioning Heat Cap?
Simply follow these 4 steps to use your cap.

Glow by Daye Deep Conditioning Heat Cap Instructions


What is the size and do you offer different sizes?
​The Glow by Daye Deep Conditioning Heat Cap measurements are as follows:
Head Opening Circumference (rested): 16" around
Head Opening Circumference (stretched to capacity): 40" around
The cap has an elastic band around the perimeter which allows it to fit on most all head sizes including children. It is designed to fit snug to the head for the heat to be closer to the hair. 
Can I use this on children?
We recommend ages 7 and older for it to be used, and same as adult usage, we highly recommend to touch test after heating to avoid burns. Only an adult should heat the cap and should always touch test before using on any child. 

What is the Glow by Daye Deep Conditioning Heat cap made out of?
The outer material consists of nylon and microfiber cotton on the reverse side. Both sides are extremely soft and made with quality cloth with your comfort in mind. The interior consists of flaxseed or linseed. 

How Do I Clean my Glow by Daye Deep Conditioning Heat Cap?

Cleaning your deep conditioning heat cap is simple and easy. A plastic cap is always recommended to wear underneath the cap when using any product to ensure cleanliness and prolong cap life. Spot clean with warm soapy when needed.

Watch Video on How to Clean Your Heat Cap

 Why is flaxseed used in the interior filling?
​Flaxseed a.k.a Linseed is unique in the fact that it is one of the best options in retaining moisture and can be re-warmed time and time again. It provides a gentle, moist heat and when heated they maintain half their heat after an hour, which is pretty impressive. The weight of flaxseed is also very gentle and calming.  

How long does it stay warm?
It should give a gentle heat for approximately 20-30 minutes after warming. Please keep in mind microwave powers vary and reheating might be needed. 

Are there other uses for the Glow by Daye Heat Cap?
Of course! Even though this cap was designed and intended for conditioning and treating your hair, you can definitely use it for other common household purposes including as a small heat pillow for certain areas of the body, you can place in a ziplock bag and place in freezer to be used for inflammation, bruises, headaches etc., and it also can be used for other hair treatments that require heat to help process such as color treatments, henna, etc. 

 What if I am not happy with my Glow by Daye Heat Cap?
​​​​​​​If you are not completely satisfied with your Glow by Daye purchase, please email us immediately at support@glowbydaye.com so that we can help resolve this issue. Feel free to refer to our refund policy as well before purchase. ​