FAQ Glow by Daye Soft Hood Dryer Attachment

How to Use the Glow by Daye Soft Hood Dryer Attachment?
Follow these 4 simple Steps:
  1. Attach the end of circular hose to the round part opening of your personal hand held dryer.
  2. Place head opening of the Soft Hood Dryer onto your head, draw the string to fit onto your head to your comfort and connect the optional chinstraps if you would like.
  3. Turn your dryer on the lowest heat and air setting.
  4. When the air begins to flow, position on head that is most comfortable for you.
In what ways can I use the Glow by Daye Dryer Attachment?
This attachment can be used in many ways, here are few:
  • Set styles such as roller sets, twist sets, braid outs, flexi rod sets
  • Dryer Hair extensions
  • Drying Wash n’ Gos
  • Deep conditioning with the added benefit of heat
  • Other treatment sessions that require the application of heat such as coloring, cellophanes, hennas, etc. 
How long will it take to dry my hair using the Attachment?
Because there are so many factors involved with this, it is nearly impossible to answer. Some things to consider when determining how long your hair will take to dry is this, the thickness and length of your hair, the style you are drying, the power(wattage) of your blow dryer, and/or (not limited to) the starting point of how wet your hair is.
How should you clean your hooded dryer attachment?
The Glow by Daye Dryer Attachment is waterproof however we recommend to only gently clean by hand using a damp rag and mild soap only if necessary.
What are some important tips?
  1. When using this product with product on hair, please remember to first cover your hair with a plastic cap to help keep attachment clean and reduce maintenance.
  2. Please keep a watchful eye on your attachment while using. Do not fall asleep or step away while your blow dryer is on.
  3. Use both low heat and air settings. All dryer wattages are different and therefore act in different ways, please take caution when using anything along an electrical item.
What if I am not satisfied with my purchase of the Glow by Daye Soft Hood Dryer Attachment?
Please contact us at info@glowbydaye.com with your order # and the reasoning you are dissatisfied.