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The Safari Heat Cap - glow-by-daye

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The Sapphire Heat Cap - glow-by-daye

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Midnight Space Heat Cap - glow-by-daye

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Enjoy freedom with the added benefit of heat during your deep conditioning treatments


Pop in your microwave per instructions and create a gentle warm heat from this cap lasting 20-30 min*


Flaxseed is an excellent holder of sustained heat and provides a gentle, natural heating experience time and time again


Eco-friendly and economical...meant to last the test of time


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Why Deep Condition with Heat?

Applying heat during conditioning treatments drastically increases the uptake of the treatment that you are using to your hair cuticles. Applying heat allows your hair follicles to open and, therefore, more effectively absorbing the nutrients from your conditioner.

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The Glow by Daye Heat Cap is perfect for you if you have:


✔︎Dry hair that needs to be moisturized regularly

✔︎  Low porosity hair that needs help absorbing and retaining moisture

✔︎ Limp, lifeless hair

✔︎ Heat damage

✔︎ Challenged at all with the health of your hair

Deep Conditioning with heat therapy CAN HELP!!


Uniquely Designed for Sustainability

Sapphire Deep Conditioning Cap

Why Deep Conditioning Is Important?

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