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"I have had my first satin bonnet for at least 2years and I can not stray away from it. No matter where I go or what other beauty supply bonnets I find, I will always reach for this one. the quality is so durable. I love the drawstring on it to adjust for when your hair is super big! This bonnet protects my hair like no other! Thank you all! I will continue to order with you guys time and time again!!! =)"

Terrilynn   -  

"I love this scarf! It’s double sided satin which is perfect for protecting my hair when I’m lying down, laying edges, etc... it keeps my frizz at a minimum prevents me from crushing my curls! I love it!"

Lolo  -  

"Upon just recently finding out that I have low porosity hair, I was informed that I need to deep condition with heat to assist with moisture. I love this cap! I love that it allows me to do other things while deep conditioning. I’ve used it twice since purchasing and it will be a staple in my routine! Also, thank you for the plastic caps that were included!"

La Toya  -  


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