satin-lined shower cap

Everyone's favorite luxury shower caps are lined with charmeuse satin on the interior while providing you with comfortable PVC waterproof exterior to protect your hair from water and unwanted moisture.

Luxury Satin-Lined Interior

Large luxurious waterproof shower cap- Designed to keep hair perfectly dry while in shower or bath while protecting your tresses with the smooth glide of satin on the interior of the cap.

Reversible for Multi-Use

Designed for the satin to be gentle on hair underneath yet still protecting against moisture and humidity to hair. It can easily be reversed to be used at a conditioning cap to hold in moisture during treatments or using with wet/damp hair.

Large & Adjustable

The drawstring feature allows for the comfortable fit around the head and versatile hairstyles. Avoid moisture entrance in areas you do not want it. Simply tighten the adjustable string to your perfect fit!

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