meet your new satin bonnet!

Give your hair the bonnet of your dreams!
Our award-winning reversible and adjustable Satin Bonnets are designed for ALL hair types and styles.

Reversible & Double Layered

This double layered bonnet makes this the perfect accessory for versatile styles and maintaining/attaining healthier hair. PLUS, match your bonnet to your vibe! The bonnets 2 in 1 feature allows you to switch it up day to day!

Extra Large Interior

Meet your perfect fit! Measuring 23” to fit almost any head size, Glow by Daye satin bonnets are designed with all styles, lengths, volumes, and textures in mind. Great for holding natural hair, braids, weaves, rollers, hair clamps, long hair, and up-dos.

"Stay On" Guarantee

Tired of waking up to see that your bonnet has grown a pair of legs? No problem. We've got you covered for the whole night! The adjustable feature allows for the bonnet to fit to your head so you're protected while you sleep!


Adjust the bonnet to your head to desired comfort level. The easy-to-use drawstring allows you to adjust your bonnet for your individual comfort.

100% Charmeuse Satin

Experience the highest quality of satin fabric. Protect your hair, maintain your styles, and retain moisture while you sleep. Perfect for preparing for the day, relaxing at home, and everything in between.

Award Winning Bonnets

Did you know that the Glow by Daye bonnet is the go-to for all your faves? Essence, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Allure and your favorite natural hair influencers hail our bonnets as the standard!

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