Disposable Plastic Processing Caps (Pack of 10)

Designer: Glow by Daye

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Pack of 10 A la carte reusable OR disposable plastic caps for deep conditioning caps. Recommended to be used during conditioning, color, hot oil treatments etc. Perfect compliment under any of Glow by Daye Deep Conditioning Heat Cap, Satin Bonnets, Satin Lined Shower Cap, Hooded Dryer Attachment to help trap moist heat 

  •  Larger and thicker disposable shower caps are made from superior quality durable plastic
  • Capture MOIST HEAT allowing your hair cuticles to even greatly open up to better receive your hair treatments by using a plastic cap underneath your Glow by Daye product. 
  • Strong Elastic Opening
  • Perfect to Fit Longer, Thicker Hair Without Tearing
  • Helps to Keep any and all of your Glow by Daye caps clean and dry 

10 complimentary Processing Caps come with every purchase of the Glow by Daye® Deep Conditioning Heat Cap. 

The PERFECT ADD ON that always comes in handy. 

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