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3 Effective Ways to Reduce Shrinkage

3 Effective Ways to Reduce Shrinkage


Bantu knots are one of the go-to heatless stretching methods. Divide your hair into sections, twist and wrap each section. If you want tighter curls, make the sections smaller. For looser curls, make the sections larger.


Blow drying is the best method for maximum stretch. However, this can also cause heat damage if done too often. Divide your hair into sections, protect your hair with a thermal protectant and blow dry!


You can stretch your hair by taking sections of your hair and "banding" them with rubber bands. Soak the rubber bands in olive or coconut oil for an hour before this method to prevent breakage.


Remember that shrinkage signifies healthy hair! Let us know what you think of this post and what you'd like to see from our blog!

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  • Beverly: November 01, 2020

    I enjoyed your article “3 Effective ways to reduce shrinkage”
    Very detailed and the pictures were a plus.
    I would opt for the heat-less ways of shrinkage reduction.
    Very good information
    Thank you

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