3 Hot Tips for Hair Growth and Retention During the Winter

3 Hot Tips for Hair Growth and Retention During the Winter

1. Retain Moisture- Make sure your tresses stay well hydrated. Stay consistent with deep conditioning and oil treatments to keep strands moisturized. Avoid direct to the hair heat such as flat irons as it can strip the moisture from your hair in addition to the wind and dry air outside. Use your satin bonnet at night to prevent unnecessary moisture loss.
2.  Reduce Split Ends- Keep ends trimmed regularly as they are extra vulnerable and prone to split ends and breakage this time of the year. Cut off split ends as soon as you see them to keep your hair healthy. 
3. Remember TLC- Tender, love and care go a long way. Even though knitted hats and scarves may keep you warm, they wreck havoc on your hair with the friction so try using satin lined winter wear whenever possible. Avoid drying chemicals in your hair products and once at home, throw on your Glow by Daye Satin Bonnet to protect your strands while chilling (pun intended) out in this cold weather!


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My new favorite satin cap

I am so happy with my satin cap! It is beautiful, softy and sturdy. I will be buying more products from this company.

Love the heating cap!

I was so excited to get it and it was everything I expected. I love the cap and will continue using it!

Satified Customer

Very nice product. My girls love it.


I have been using a silk(ish) cap with a bonnet that is not great on top and still had issues with my hair. This thing is life changing. I do my hair once a week and I just have to do small maintenance. This is great!

Just more colors and patterns would be great

Other than that love the bonnets