Protect Your Inches

Are you experiencing trouble growing your hair past your collarbone or shoulder? This could possibly be because your hair is coming in contact with your cotton clothing. Your hair decides to relinquish the moisture to the clothing. The same way you want to avoid cotton pillowcases, that also applies here. There are a few solutions for ridding this in order for you to experience growth and retain the moisture you worked hard to infuse into your strands. The first solution is, of course, utilize protective styling. This means keeping your hair away and off of your clothing. Loose braids, puffs, ponytails, or wrapping in a satin scarf are just a few ways you can style your hair so it is off of your clothing. Consider looking into up-do styles that incorporate satin scarves. This way, you can be stylish but also conscious of your hair's health. Another solution for this will be a slightly harder task, but is doable. On days that you would like to wear your luscious locks down and free, consider wearing satin or silk tops. This way, your hair is not being stripped of the moisture. Keep in mind, the ends of your hair are the oldest parts of your hair. This means that they need more attention and maintenance. 

Satin and Silk

After utilizing the LOC or LCO method, which are used for moisturizing and sealing, do not forget to maintain your hard work by using silk or satin bonnets, hair ties and pillowcases. These satin items, unlike cotton, do not strip your hair. Silk or Satin pillowcases are great for people who enjoy the freedom that a bonnet might not offer. However, if you choose this option, consider braiding or tying your hair down so it is not all over the place the next morning.. This is especially for the "crazy" sleepers! Satin hair scrunchies are another underrated gem. On days that you choose to wear your hair in an up-do or even pigtails and you cherish your hair's health, do not opt for rubber bands or regular hair ties. These will most definitely strip your hair of it's moisture. If you prefer rubber bands, you might consider soaking them in your favorite carrier oil overnight.

We might sound biased when we say this -- but we highly recommend satin bonnets for bedtime. Not only does it offer protection from friction caused by cotton sheets, but it will maintain your style and reduce split ends and frizz.

Water it, Steam it

Have you heard the idea that water is the source of life? Well your hair knows this. The best way to hydrate your hair is by using water. The LOC or LCO method we mentioned earlier can be a good pairing with this. Typically the "L" stands for Leave-In or Liquid. If you are a natural that wants to avoid stocking up on overpriced products, consider using water to hydrate your hair for the "L" portion of the process.

Need to refresh your hair during the week? Section your hair and steam using a face steamer with an extended nozzle. Apply your preferred product and braid, twist, or fluff as needed. Be sure to use distilled water when completing this process. Remember, water is one of your best friends, not an enemy. It's all about managing your hair's water intake though. If you do not wish to douse your hair in water, use a spray bottle to control the amount of liquid your hair is getting.

We hope these tips helped. Please feel free to leave us a comment or question.

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