3 Reasons You NEED to be Deep Conditioning

You might notice you are hearing more about deep conditioning more than ever recently. It is no coincidence. With more of us, embracing our hair and taking control of learning how to manage, maintain and have our hair thrive, the more deep conditioning comes into the conversation.  We thought that we would give you the top 3 reasons we need to be deep conditioning regularly. 


This ties in with your overall hair health of course. Overall, if your hair is properly moisturized it is less susceptible to breakage and split ends. Hair cannot be healthy without moisture. Moisture is to natural hair what water is to the body. Deep conditioning helps maintain high moisture levels in natural hair. This could become even more important depending on your hair’s porosity.


Deep conditioning restores your hair’s pH balance and shine if you have just used a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoo strips the hair of all moisture and natural oils. Using a clarifying shampoo is usually reserved for when you have product build-up. 


You can tell if your hair is elastic by pulling on a section when wet. If it bounces back with a spring, your hair is healthy and can withstand additional treatments like blow-drying or installing braids. Regular deep conditioning sessions nourishes and strengthens hair. With additional ingredients such as herbs and oils, you can enhance these benefits even more.


Let ‘s take a self-assessment... Are you deep conditioning regularly and appropriately for your hair needs?


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  • Deetha : July 27, 2020
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    Never deep condition my hair didn’t know what to use or how to do it.

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