We have compiled of our must have's when it comes to maintaining beautiful, healthy locs at every stage. We believe no matter where you are on your locs journey, healthy hair should always be the mission. Of course, length and strength are always top of the list for many and so here are 4 tips that should be on your list of care when it comes to locs. 


1. MASSAGE- Massaging your scalp daily helps the circulation thus triggering hair growth and blood flow to your crowning glory.  Try at least 5 minutes a day with your favorite light oil. 
2. PRESERVATION AT NIGHT- Just like any other hairstyle or texture, sleeping on satin can help minimize breakage and reduce excessive frizz. Locs can experience high amount of shedding, so protecting your edges and scalp is critical. The Glow by Daye Satin Bonnet typically large enough to fit most loc styles can drastically help you retain moisture and avoid the treacherous friction of a standard pillowcase.
3. RESIST EXCESSIVE TWISTING- Keeping a fresh twist sounds great, but if done too often breakage can occur. The key to maintaining healthy, growing locs is finding the balance between managing new growth and keeping up to date with your new twist dates. Learn to be comfortable with healthy new growth amounts and know they are still beautiful. 
4. PRACTICE PATIENCE- Last, but certainly not least, understand that if you are near the beginning of  your loc journey, that patience must be observed most likely to get to your desired length and look. Since most have to start from a big chop to achieve their look, learning to feel confident and beautiful at every stage is crucial


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