Here are our top 5 ways of holding on to the moisture that you have worked hard on penetrating into those strands. Don't even worry, we like to keep things simple and easy around here so all of these are simple, easy to maintain general practices to keep in mind in your healthy hair journey to help retain your moisture and keep your hair thriving. 

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1. Protect Your Hair Regularly Against Fabrics and Material that can Absorb Your Much Needed Moisture such as Cotton. Choose a silky satin material such as the Glow by Daye Reversible, Satin Bonnet that allows for the hair to glide and retain the moisture of each strand. 

2. Deep Condition Regularly With HEAT. Deep condition isn't as effective if it does not penetrate your cuticles so conditioning with the power of heat is highly beneficial which can be done by using either the Glow by Daye Heat Cap or Soft Hooded Dryer Attachments. 

3. Trim Regularly-Trimming, when needed, reduces some of the dryness of your hair by ridding the ends that continuously suck the moisture out of your healthy, moisturized hair. When you hold on to dry ends, your products may react differently and you find that your hair loses moisture much faster.

4. Limit direct heat- Use direct heat such as flat irons, heated curlers,  blow-drying (without a diffuser) in moderation, and choose the right tools that can help to maintain your hair's integrity and prevent against heat damage which can cause unnecessary dryness. 

5. Less Manipulation: Whenever possible try and choose styles that will allow you to not manipulate your hair as often and let it be. Over manipulation, especially with curly, kinky, or coily hair, can be stressful on strands and lead to unnecessary breakage. 


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