"Sharing Instagram Live videos or posts from Black thought leaders and signing petitions that support the Black Lives Matter movement are crucial actions, but those are not the only ways you can champion the Black community throughout this time of chaos and afterward. Black-owned businesses have existed for centuries—and agreeing to buy a portion of your daily, weekly, and monthly products from them is another way you can bolster Black lives and livelihood.

Initiatives like the 15 Percent Pledge started by Aurora James, Pull Up for Change by Sharon Chuter, and Consider Something Better by Lauren Napier and Whitney Brown are urging big brands and retailers to show real-life support for black people and black brands by giving us shelf space, space in their offices and boardrooms, and capital to fund our businesses. Many brands, companies, and investors are already on board, but the push continues to make this happen globally.

While we stay tuned to the progress of James, Chuter, Brown, and Napier, we’re giving you some black-owned hair care brands to support. Trust us: your hair will thank you." 

READ MORE at: https://www.prevention.com/beauty/hair/g33646724/black-owned-hair-products/

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