By now, you might have been completely against going to sleep on a regular cotton pillowcase. But why? We break down why cotton is definitely not the way to go for maintaining your hair or hair health.
The issue with cotton or even "cotton like" fabric is that it acts against what your hair is trying to do. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase at night, wearing a cotton bandana to hold down the edges, or even when hair rubs against your cotton shirt during the day, all of these are moments that cotton gets to soak up the moisture your hair is so desperately trying to maintain. The oils and moisture in your hair are sucked right out. This can lead to dry, brittle hair OR ends that, yup you guessed it, can lead to breakage. 
While sleeping, which includes the tossing and turning, on cotton it allows for snagging and pulling.  Opting for a quality satin protectant, your hair glides with it helping you to preserve your style longer and maintain length and health much easier. 
This is probably why you have or WILL switch to using a satin scarf, pillowcase, or bonnet/sleep cap

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