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With the COVID-19 pandemic shuttering the doors of many hair salons across the nation, millions of us have had to tap into our inner hairstylist. No longer being able to book an appointment on a whim has left many of us experimenting with hair tools, products, and styles in an effort to maintain healthy, hydrated tresses. But relying on at-home hair maintenance for months on end can be challenging (and to be honest, exhausting). This especially rings true for those with curly and coily hair, which requires extra TLC.

Enter: Glow by Daye—a haircare brand featuring satin bonnets, shower caps, deep conditioning heat caps, and soft hood dryer attachments designed to make caring for natural hair less daunting. The founder, Ranay Daye, started the brand to address the common dilemmas she and other people with textured hair faced.

“Whether I had a twist out, braids, or my "go-to" bun, the satin bonnets that I would frequently buy from my local beauty supply always fell short because they were thin, ratty, and usually wound up off my head in the morning,” Daye says. “The notion to have a high-quality bonnet that was made for varying hair sizes, didn’t snag my hair, and was gentle on my edges inspired me to start to Glow by Daye. It started off three years ago with my ideal version of a satin bonnet and we have grown into other products reinvented for those with beautifully textured hair and versatile styles in mind.”

For Daye, offering an elevated and better-performing take on the products she used to frequently pick up at beauty supply stores is her mission. By making thoughtful fabric and functionality choices, Daye has been able to curate a line of products that deep condition the hair more effectively, increase moisture retention, and better preserve protective hairstyles. “We like to think of all our products as intentionally designed and start with the purpose of making a high-quality product that is affordable,” Daye says.

“We like to always ask the question of ‘How can this be better for us and our needs?’”

During the coronavirus pandemic, Glow by Daye is focused more than ever on helping women care for their hair. “In this very different time, haircare maintenance at home has been our only resolution, so keeping up with a routine is key, no matter what that might've looked like before the world shut down,” Daye tells us. “We want to serve our community with products that make your life easier when it comes to at-home hair maintenance.”



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