National Black Business Month is important because it's a great time of the year to build solidarity as a collective to support, celebrate, encourage, and learn more about black businesses. We will always be able to make more of an impact when we, as a society, rally together and this month is a great time to come together and celebrate while spreading awareness of the importance of diversity in business. As a black woman, helping others to understand the effect of the oppression that black people faced in this country and how it still has its effects, including the alarming disparities in funding, resources, and access.  We can show up for black businesses by being more intentional to buy more from black-owned businesses both locally and online . Also, to make a concerted effort to amplify and elevate these businesses by reviewing, sharing, posting, engaging, and learn more about the history of black businesses and their impact on society.

As a proudly black owned company we wanted to reintroduce ourselves and our mission here at Glow by Daye. 


A self proclaimed lazy natural, Ranay began Glow by Daye out of a pure desire to have more high quality and better functioning accessories to help her better preserve her hair and maintain a healthy hair care routine. Especially that ill fitting satin bonnet that stayed falling off the head :/


It started as an idea for the best satin sleep bonnet and it grew into a brand that is committed to empowering healthy hair journeys with not only our high-functioning and intentionally made products for textured hair but also with education, resources, and motivation to enjoy and embrace your healthy hair journey. The pic above is Ranay sending in her first shipment to where she originally launched Glow by Daye while working her full time sales job.


It is such an honor to use this brand to highlight textured hair's versatility and range. With our inclusive products being designed with natural hair's versatility in mind FIRST, having diverse representation is one of the many ways we are excited to serve the natural hair community.


Black business month is such a powerful, collaborative time for amplifying, and championing black owned businesses. We would love if you could take the time to share Glow by Daye and other black owned businesses on your social, leave a review, shop, refer, and/or engage with us! Look forward to hearing from you!



Sip this tea with us!

Let us learn, share, and grow together.


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