Thank you for tuning into the final hair care series for Normal or Medium porosity! You are the golden children of the natural hair community because... WHEW! We on the opposite ends of the spectrum are constantly working. Medium porosity hair allows the right amount of moisture in and out. The main goal for this type is to take care of it and avoid any kind of damage.

Avoid hair dye or chemicals. Let me just say that people with normal porosity hair are the chosen children. You have one job, take care of your hair without doing too much or too little! Simply, listen to your hair. Heavy chemicals can cause a shift in your porosity, more toward high porosity, as it's typically characterized as damaged.


AVOID HEAVY OILS. For the medium porosity hair, heavier oils best fit for high porosity will not work. Normal porosity hair has cuticles that allow product benefits to easily penetrate the strands, so overloading your hair with heavy products can cause your hair to have dramatic product build up. Go with a light oil


DO NOT FORGET. This is the last tip and is very important and you should know by know.. Wear your bonnet! Let me go on the record by saying anyone whose goal is to take care of their hair needs to wear a bonnet to bed!


I hope you all enjoyed this mini hair care series! Let me know what else you want to see by leaving a comment.

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  • Jalyssa: July 27, 2020
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    I’m mixed Kenyan African and white and my hair is still a mystery to me. I buy tons of different hair care products and still don’t know how or what regimen to stick with for my hair and what products work best for wash and go or how to style. I need help one thing I want is for my hair to show some length rather than shrink up into rimy coils or just never show length no matter how long it gets.

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