Have you taken our hair porosity quiz and/or self-evaluated your hair to determine that your hair is more high porosity, meaning your hair it means that water, oils, and other types of products can be easily absorbed by your hair. On the flip side, because your hair is highly porous, it may not be able to retain moisture as well as other types of hair. Here, are a few, simple tips specific to this case that can help you maintain healthy moisture levels. 


  • ONLY AS NEEDED- Use either LCO (Liquid or leave-in conditioner, Cream, Oil) or the LOC (Leave-In or liquid, Oil, Cream) method to keep your hair moisturized
  • PRE-POO* on WASH DAY- PrePoo the night before wash day to help with detangling. You can cover your pre-poo and sleep comfortably with Glow by Daye reversible, satin-lined shower cap.
  • On WASH DAY (Weekly or Bi-Weekly) after washing your hair with a moisturizing and clarifying shampoo, DEEP CONDITION for 15-30 minutes with heat and rinse with cold water to help seal your cuticles thus sealing in your moisture. Style and Protect your style as needed. 
  • BI-WEEKLY or MONTHLY-  Use a protein treatment such as rice water

REPEAT. Remember consistency with anything is where results are seen. These are simple steps that can help you stay consistent with a routine specific to your hair needs. Let us know what else you do for your high porosity hair that helps in the comments below. 👇🏾

*Not sure what PrePoo is? "Pre Pooing" is applying a treatment to your hair before the actual shampoo process. The treatment provides your hair with a protective layer. This is helpful because shampooing can sometimes strip moisture from the hair

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  • Robyn : June 22, 2022
    Author image

    If you pre-poo before washing your hair, wouldn’t you have to wash it first. Because any of the products that I am familiar with requires you to? Unless you are using a repair and strengthening treatment?

  • Kandice: June 22, 2022
    Author image

    Im a month post my big chop and my hair is pretty short. One thing i learned is to use “anti-humectants” like sheabutter, olive oil and avocado oil. Also keeping my short hair twisted helps keep it moisturized for longer.

  • Deborah L. Coleman: November 01, 2020
    Author image

    Fantastic items.

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