Different seasons call for different reasons to change it up when it comes to your hair and how you take of it for overall health and growth. While taking care of your curls can mean different strategies for every curl type, it’s imperative that as the colder months get near, you have a plan that will help you take care of your stands in the best possible way. 

As the winter months come with some of the most wonderful times of the year, such as the holidays and beautiful snowy scenery, your hair may have other reactions to the cold temperatures. The frigid winds and dry air tend to suck the moisture right off your curls and leave you helpless every year trying to inject by any means necessary. In addition to the intense dryness, it can be challenging just to stay warm in general with your many layers of cozy hats, scarfs, cotton wraps, ear muffs, and anything else you can find to keep your head heated from the cold weather. While it may keep you from freezing, these additional layers can cause a ton of friction on your head, drying out your hair even faster than decreasing temperatures. In great Glow by Daye fashion, we are here to keep it simple for you and break down some easy-to-remember tips to get you through the upcoming season. Each suggestion is meant to help retain your moisture, reduce breakage, and continue your healthier hair journey by preserving each strand and giving you a head start on a summer strength check-in. 

Keep in mind these imperative winter hair maintenance tips as soon as you feel a change in the air. It will make a world of difference in not only how you approach these colder months but also allows you to enjoy the new season without having to hesitate if your hair is getting the treatment it needs to flourish. Each suggestion is made to preserve your mane and keep it strong, healthy, and continue to thrive at any temperature. Keep in mind, they all go hand and hand, and working on one will inevitably help the others in some way.

Reduce Breakage 

Before making any sudden changes to your hair care routine, it's helpful to understand why hair becomes more brittle during winter in the first place. The thirst is real when it comes to hydrating your curls, so don't be afraid to pile on the conditioner. When searching for the right conditioner, you want to see how well your hair can detangle and if it glides right in with each stroke. If you feel your hair is brittle and still unmanageable, it might be time to switch it up. This also rings true for oil treatments depending on what your hair is craving the most. It's suggested that to restore your hair, a deep condition is needed at least weekly to see optimal results. 

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Avoid Flat Irons 

Any continuous exposure to intense cold or heat can damage your hair. Moisture is what helps keep your strands nourished and elastic. When you use heat like flat iron, it usually prevents the development of your hair's natural oils. Over-applying heat to your hair when it is already dried causes brittleness, breakage, dullness, and dryness to the point where hair is stripped of its natural moisture. This can cause your cuticles to dry and snap off. Use a hooded dryer to gently dry hair or air drying whenever possible is ideal. While it may take a little longer to dry or obtain your desired style, it's the healthiest way to dry your hair without the emphasis on heat and possible damage.


Protective Styling 

Protective styling helps keep in moisture and stops your hair from any further damage caused by styling and your environment. Protective styles are not only a great way to give your curls a nice break, but they are also perfect for reinventing your look. We do so much each day, and our many activities can create stress for our hair. Whether you want to put your hair into twists for the week or detangle for a nice forming bun, find a protective style that works for you.  Consider that work great for you. Keep in mind to not leave them in for too long (6-8 weeks depending on the style), care for your scalp and hair while they are in style as best as possible, and keep it gentle on your edges and sensitive areas of your head.


Deep Condition 

Performing regular deep conditioning treatments is incredibly important to aid in retaining length as well as helping with moisture levels. Applied every wash day if possible, this treatment is perfect for those who may notice that their hair isn't holding its moisture like it used to or that you have excessive frizz that can't be controlled. An adequate deep conditioner can help to replenish the nutrients and moisture that strands tend to lose on a constant basis. This helps to reconnect the protein chains inside the hair to strengthen each strand. These treatments need to be applied with heat to penetrate into the hair's inner layer. Tip: you can use a hooded dryer attachment or heat cap for this.

Hair Steaming   

As a level up from a common deep condition process, steaming your hair has a lot of benefits that you may have never realized you needed to keep your hair in tip-top shape. While both deep conditioning and steaming are fantastic for maintenance, steaming has an important element that helps your strands go into overdrive. Steaming your hair provides the best of both worlds by using heat and moisture to activate the hair follicles and open the cuticles to allow deeper penetration for product application. From 3a to 4c and everything in between, implementing a steaming treatment makes a huge difference, and the results will have you hooked.

Satin and Silk Only! 

Incorporating satin and silk in your routine helps to keep the curls and coils safe from winter harm without causing greasiness and clumps. These fabrics also keep strands from getting frizzy and puffy all the time. Retain moisture with satin-lined hats or scarves anytime you’re outside in the cold. It’s not only more comfortable than cotton but also assists with hydration. When you sleep on cotton pillowcases, it is known to dry out your hair from root to tips and hold on to bad bacteria. Invest in a good satin pillowcase and keep your crown on point at all times, even when you’re asleep.

Lock in the Moisture 

It's all about keeping the moisture in your hair and making sure you have lots of it. But sometimes, your hair is undoubtedly thirsty, no matter how many hydrating hair masks you try to penetrate into your scalp. If you tend to wash your hair throughout the week, it's imperative to lock in that moisture so you can stretch your style and keep your hair protected from breakage. The L.O.C. method is a simple styling technique that's all about layering your products in a specific order to get hydrated, super-defined curls and coils. It's a pretty straightforward acronym: "L" for leave-in, "O" for oil, and "C" for cream. The L.O.C. method is designed to help your hair retain moisture, so it doesn't dry out as much, which is essential in those colder months. It's perfect for people who are looking to add some extra T.L.C. to their hair care routine and keep strands from quenching.

Tender Loving Care 

Speaking of TLC, there's nothing more important for when your hair is feeling vulnerable than to show it some more love when it needs it the most. Those cold months of uncertainty can showcase a difficult road ahead for your hair, and while it can be a daunting task getting your curls to cooperate, it's not impossible. With some time, thought, and a great selection of products that work for your hair type, you have a real shot of restoring your curls to flourishing hydration. Protect your natural curls at all costs and watch those healthy strands grow. Having a hair regimen that you can maintain is just the beginning of embracing your beautiful crown. Try not to get discouraged or overwhelmed by the process and do what works for you.

Drink More Water 

It's not said quite enough how what goes into your body is just as important as what goes into your hair. Drinking water helps hair health by preventing a long list of hair problems. From dryness to growth, shine, and more, it's the true hair secret that many tend to forget about. Drinking enough water keeps your hair hydrated, scalp moisture with natural oils, and increases the overall look and health of your textured crown. As such, one can truly avoid hair loss, hair fall, dry hair, brittle hair, and itchiness by getting in your average dose of H2O. It's the easiest way to keep your hair remaining hydrated and healthy by having the correct amount of water in the diet.

Healthier Diet

Just like the importance of drinking enough water, a healthy diet can help your hair gain the strength and shine that you've always desired. What you eat can also keep you from losing your locks which is imperative in the drop of temperature when your body needs those extra nutrients. If you're not getting certain benefits from food, you might see the effects on your hair. Essential fatty acids, especially omega-3s, play a key role in the health of your strands.

Drop below what you have been focusing on this winter during your healthy hair care routine!

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