The Glow by Daye Satin Lined Shower Cap is designed to protect your versatile hair looks and styles from the inside out. With its' waterproof exterior to block the moisture from the outside and the complete interior being satin lined with charmeuse satin to preserve the moisture from the inside plus reducing unnecessary friction. 
Here are simple ways that you can help preserve the life span of your shower cap with proper care and maintenance. 
1. Properly Clean Your Shower Cap - Spot clean with needed, Visit our blog post "How to Clean Your Shower Cap"
2. Carefully Adjust - Our foam stopper is meant to be gentle, soft, and comfortable. We intentionally made it soft and pliable for comfort. Gently and carefully adjust string with a gentle pull and release of the foam stopper to fit to head and loosen.
3. Proper Storage - Store your shower cap in a cool, dry area outside of the shower to prevent mildew. In the shower, following your shower, that confined space retains a lot of moisture so making sure you store your cap outside of the shower to allow it properly dry is important.


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