Glow by Daye stays trying to make life easier when it comes to managing and preserving your textured hair and versatile styles. Our first version of a hair scarf is no different. Here are a few ways that we wanted to create our version of our NEW St. Maarten Charmeuse Satin Scarf. 

*Pre folded into a large, double-layered triangular shape to avoid the fumbling of folding our large, thin rectangle scarf to easily manipulate to the "pineapple" curls, wrap, lay edges, or wrap full head on those infamous "bad hair days":)

*The gentle stretch material design allows for the scarf to subtly conform to head to avoid "slip off"

*100% Charmeuse Satin Material to continue to retain moisture and prevent friction of your hair cuticles

*Aesthetically beautiful with our tropical-inspired design evoking the calm and relaxation of being on a St. Maarten Beach Resort. 

Check out a few ways to tie your Glow by Daye ® St. Maarten Satin Scarf


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