Would you consider yourself a lazy natural? Join the club! Glow by Daye was created just for you. Our collection of bonnets assist with nightly protection. Deep conditioning heat caps ensure you get the nutrients your hair needs from treatments. We have an array of products that are designed to promote healthier hair. Simplify your hair care experience using 4 simple steps. 

First, we recommend creating a regimen and staying consistent with it. There are a few things to consider when developing your regimen:

  1. What is your hair porosity?
  2. What are your hair goals?
  3. What is needed for your hair, keeping in mind porosity, to obtain those goals?
  4. How often do you need to do certain processes?

If you are looking for tips on how to build a regimen in more detail, check out our blog post on achieving your hair growth goals. Don’t worry, developing a regimen is the easy part. Staying consistent can be the hardest part. Sometimes, we try a product once or twice but do not keep up to begin or continue to see results. Reward yourself or take progress pictures as motivation.

The second way to simplify haircare is by identifying your go-to styles. Our favorites are braids and wigs. While using braids, you are able to wash, moisturize, and maintain your hair.



Wigs on the other hand are a little more high maintenance, as you have to take care of your hair as well as the wig. However, if you know how to apply and remove your wig correctly, you should be able to use this as a go-to style option. Alternatively, if you prefer to wear your natural hair out, there are many cute styles that can be achieved, we just recommend keeping your ends tucked away, as they are the oldest parts of your hair.

Third, preparing your hair products is highly recommended. This means mixing your deep conditioners, protein treatments, henna/cassia treatments around a day in advance. Keep in mind that some treatments go bad at a certain point, so know those limits. For example, when preparing rice water, you can set it out 24 hours before use. Add an orange peel to improve the smell. I would not recommend leaving it out for longer than 48-72 hours without use.

Last, protect your hair as if your life depended on it. Don’t sleep on satin bonnets -- no pun intended. Our reversible, adjustable satin bonnets are the perfect addition to your night routine. It helps retain moisture, preserve styles, and reduce split ends. 

Here’s to being simple naturals that would like wash day to be under 4 hours! 🥂

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