The first thing to know is that your hair is made out of a protein also called keratin. Without protein, your hair will lack structure, strength and shape. When protein is lacking in your hair, it can fall victim to being weak, lifeless, and limp causing you to experience easy breakage. Protein balances out the moisture in your hair to keep it healthy, strong and thriving. 
The best ways to replenish loss of protein in your hair are:
1. Deep Conditioning- Using a protein based conditioner allows your hair to regain the strength it needs during your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deep conditioning sessions depending on your hair's needs. Check the product information to find the right conditioner you need at that time. Some are more protein based, some are a good balance between moisture and protein, and some are more moisture based. 
2. Protein Treatments- With a large range of protein treatments to choose from at your local beauty supply, protein treatments are a good way to fill the gaps in your hair with protein to add the strength it is looking for.  
3. Homemade or DIY Protein - If you feel like raiding the fridge and staying completely ALL NATURAL using items such as eggs, avocado, or coconut oil to create a homemade mask can be an effective way to add protein back to your hair follicles. Applying heat with all these 3 treatments above helping the hair cuticle to intake it's key ingredients and benefits. You can do this simply by using either Glow by Daye Deep Conditioning Heat Cap or the Soft Hood Dryer Attachment
4. Diet-  Working from inside out  is always an effective and sometimes forgotten way of increasing the protein in your hair. Eating protein rich foods such as nuts, eggs, and greens can help in your providing your hair's nutrient needs. 

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