We all have those "happy thoughts" of how much longer and, hopefully, healthier our hair will be once once we remove the protective style that we have had in for weeks. Well, it is equally important to care for your hair immediately removing a style that might have been intact for weeks on end. 
Here are Glow by Daye's top 3 recommendations of what you should do immediately after removing your protective hairstyle. 
We will emphasize gently. Your hair has been shedding on a daily basis, however it has been going anywhere most likely because it was twisted or braided up, that hair must still go somewhere now, so it will be a alot built up. Make sure to take your time to detangle with either soft detangling bristled brush or comb or your fingers. 

You want to make sure that your hair is not clump up or matted in anyway before you shampoo. To help make it easier for this step, you can use a pre poo treatment to soften hair. 

Rejuvenate your hair's moisture by deep conditioning. Take your deep conditioning a step further by covering your hair with a plastic cap and sit under some heat to let the treatment really absorb into the hair cuticle. 

Deep conditioning definitely should have helped with the overall health of your hair and now you want to moisturize to keep it soft and supple. Try utilizing a leave in conditioner and follow with and oil based product and then a cream aka the LOC Method. It is a great way to maintain the moisture in your hair for multiple days. Show some extra attention to the ends of the hair as that is the oldest part and the most susceptible to breakage. 

And now that your hair has been resting from daily manipulation, you might want to rest any portion of your hair that might have had added stress or strain on it such as your edges with braids or ponytails. 

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