Wash day can be a long process for a lot of us! From washing, detangling, deep conditioning, drying, and styling, it is clear that we don't want wash day to really be wash day! We hope these tips can help you condense wash day into wash hours. 

Deep Conditioning

If you have been following us on Instagram and  reading our blog closely, you know that deep conditioning is one of our top priorities. Hair experts and gurus highly recommend deep conditioning with heat, especially for those with low porosity. Hair porosity is your hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. (Take our porosity quiz to find out your porosity.)  Why spend hours deep conditioning with a plastic cap instead of reaping the benefits of our cordless deep conditioning heat cap in 20-30 minutes? This not only allows you to carry on with wash day, but it makes room for additional tasks you are not able to do while deep conditioning without the cap. 

Preparation is KEY

If you are a DIY naturalista, we recommend preparing your concoctions in bulk for the month or week, if possible. Most mixtures can be stored in the fridge or freezer for a certain period of time. For example, this African Black Soap Shampoo can last for a month in the fridge.  



Whereas the moisturizing conditioner should be used within a day or two. This means while you're preparing dinner, you can prepare your concoctions in advanced to also allow the ingredients to fuse together.





Styling your hair can be the hardest part of wash day, especially for my 4c girls! Whether you are doing flat twists, braids, wig styles, etc., you can benefit from using a hooded dryer attachment to dry your hair and lock your style in place. If you are looking to wear your curls natural and free, this tool is great to set and style quickly and evenly. Drying with the hooded dryer attachment can give your curl pattern more definition without stripping the moisture. If you are looking to dry your hair for twist outs or braid outs, trying this. You know that feeling you get when you take out your twists before they're dry and you just knew that they were not dry? That won't happen here! The dryer attachment can be a great addition to your wash day as it can help finalize your styles!

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