When it comes to maintaining a healthy hair care routine, one common suggestion among most hair experts including deep conditioning with heat. Our community has fallen in love with the ease and convenience that our award-winning Deep Conditioning Heat Cap offers to condition effectively frequently. Here are 5 of the most common questions that we receive that you too might have too:)

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1. How often should I wash and condition my hair?

This is a tough one and, of course, can depend on so many factors including your lifestyle, your hairstyles, and your goals, but as a general rule of thumb, we like to suggest either weekly or bi-weekly to wash and deep condition. Your cap can be reheated multiple times in the same session and of course weekly or how often you decide to use. The longevity of the cap will depend on usage and the care of it. 

2. How does the Glow by Daye Deep Conditioning Heat Cap Work?

Our Deep Conditioning Heat Caps are microwaveable and cordless caps filled with all-natural flaxseeds that emit about 20-30 minutes of gentle heat after heating up. It helps your hair cuticles to rise and open up in order to better penetrate your conditioner or other treatments including hot oil treatment, protein conditioning or even color, etc. Including offering a great way to incorporate heat while conditioning, but also offers the freedom to move around and complete other tasks,  or simply relax more comfortably! :)

3. Can I use the Heat Cap if I Do Not Have a Microwave?

Unfortunately, the only heating method that we recommend for our heat caps is the microwave. If you own a personal handheld hairdryer, we recommend our Soft Hooded Dryer Attachment which acts as a great alternative for heat during your conditioning that it also convenient. dryer attachment

4. How many uses or how long will it last?

We guarantee our caps for up to one year with our GLOW GUARANTEE and we recommend replacing your cap following a year or ~52 uses. 

5. How Do I Wash?

Spot Clean by Hand. We also provide 10 complimentary plastic caps with each cap to help clean and dry. We recommend to always use plastic caps underneath cap to help trap heat and moisture even more. Visit Cleaning Instructions

6. How to Store?

Store your cap once it is dry and clean of the product. We do NOT recommend storing it in its original packaging in between sessions. Store in a dry and clean space.


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  • Gloria: February 11, 2023
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    I ordered this cap right away when I saw this product on tv. Just what I need. Can’t wait to get it!! Will tell all my friends🤗

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